Laser choices grow increasingly complex

Aspen, Colo. — Successful laser treatment of pigmented lesions and tattoos requires choosing the right tool for the job, an expert says. Virtually any laser can target melanin, says George Hruza, M.D., a dermatologist in private practice in Chesterfield, Mo. “But some lasers work better than others.” In particular, he says that targeting melanosomes requires […]

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Reveal Brighter Skin with Fruit Acid

Are you wondering what the best natural source for your facial treatment is?  Here at Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center, Inc. you can experience natural substance glycolic chemical peels in Chesterfield, MO.  Your respected Chesterfield dermatologist named Dr. George Hruza can perform this type of natural chemical peel on your face, chest, neck and arms.  […]

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Be Stunning and Defy Age With Botox!

Do you want to look stunning with wrinkle free skin in your 50’s?  Finally, with Botox injections in Chesterfield you can keep you looking beautiful and younger looking even beyond your 50’s.  Dr. George Hruza, as a highly experienced dermatologist in Chesterfield, can administer a Botox injection in his cosmetic dermatology facility at Laser & […]

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Life Changes? Get Rid of Your Tattoo!

Do you want to remove your tattoo that no longer seems as cool and mainstream as before or are there life changes that make you feel that removing the tattoo is appropriate to disassociate yourself from your past? Then, Tattoo Removal Options in Chesterfield at Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center, Inc. can answer your need […]

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Botox vs. Sculptra

When it comes to facial fillers, Botox definitely tops the list of available treatments, it being a popular choice among hollywood celebrities. But there is a new treatment climbing right up there with botox, and it slowly becoming increasingly popular – it’s called Sculptra. Sculptra is a substance that was long used in dissolvable surgical […]

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