Fight Pre-Cancerous Cells with BLU-U Photodynamic Therapy

As the weather has warmed and you’re spending more time outdoors – have you started to notice red flaky patches of skin? Often caused by excessive sun exposure – actinic keratosis are dangerous because if left untreated they can develop into skin cancer.

BLU-U Photodynamic TherapyBLU-U photodynamic therapy effectively treats these patches. During the procedure a medication is placed on the patches. Then a special blue light is used to activate your treatment – removing the abnormal, precancerous cells.

The blue light is low intensity and will not overly heat the skin. However, during the light treatment, you will experience tingling or burning of the skin. These feelings of discomfort should improve by the end of the light treatment. The entire treatment, including the medication, will conclude in less than 2 hours.

Following treatment, the skin may become red and swollen. These are temporary side effects. Contact our office to learn more today.

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