Dermatology Services





For nonmelanoma skin cancer removal
Surgical excision
For melanoma and dysplastic nevi removal



Botulinum injections (Botox®, Xeomin®, Dysport®)
Improvement of dynamic wrinkles
Fillers substances (Juvederm®, Radiesse, Sculptra)
For correction of scars, marionette lines, laugh lines, fine wrinkling, lip augmentation, rejuvenation or volume loss
Noninvasive rejuvenation (Fraxel Restore Dual, e-Matrix, Fotofacial RF)
For fine lines, moderate wrinkles, mild laxity, rejuvenation, sun damage, mottled pigmentation, loss of pigmentation, scars, stretch marks, pores
For sun damage, fine lines, mottled pigmentation, scarring and moderate wrinkles
Body contouring/cellulite reduction (Bella Contour)
For reduction of cellulite or size/circumference
Skin laxity (Thermage, e-Matrix, Refirme)
For nonsurgical skin tightening of jowls, marionette lines, laugh lines, forehead, eyelids, neck, abdomen, and upper arms
Chemical peels (superficial and medium depth) and microdermabrasion
For acne, sun damage and skin rejuvenation
Pigmented lesion removal (Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, Fraxel Re:store Dual)
For solar lentigines, tattoos, nevus of Ota and other pigmented birthmarks
Vascular lesion removal (pulsed dye laser)
Port wine stains, telangiectasis, hemangiomas, redness, scars, and stretch marks
Pigment restoration (Fraxel Re:store Dual)
For scars, stretch marks, hypopigmentation
Laser Hair Removal (Lightsheer Diode laser)
For unwanted, pigmented body hair and facial hair
Sclerotherapy (Asclera, hypertonic saline)
For improvement of small superficial telangectiasias and varicose veins of the legs
Actinic keratoses, skin rejuvenation, and acne
Acne laser/light treatment (Smoothbeam, PDT)
For treatment of active acne, acne scarring, sebaceous hyperplasia and oily skin
Scar treatments (Fraxel Re:store Dual, pulsed dye laser, e-matrix, surgical revision, subcision, fillers)
For raised, depressed, and discolored scars and acne scars



We carry Neocutis products for their anti-skin aging properties.
We carry SkinCeuticalsproducts including topical antioxidants and transparent zinc oxide sunscreens that block the full spectrum of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation (both ultraviolet-B and all of ultraviolet-A) and protect the skin from further sun damage.
Skin Medica
We carry Skin Medica products containing all the naturally found proteins, amino acids and antioxidants that our bodies use to stimulate the skin to repair itself when damaged by the sun.
We carry Vivité® products for a full skin care regimen as well as Latisse® for growing eyelash hair.

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