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Summer-Ready Legs with Laser Hair Removal

At the Laser and Dermatology Center, Inc. we use only the best, cutting edge therapies when removing your body hair. This ensures long lasting, if not permanent results and supreme patient comfort and safety.

Summer isn’t quite over. Don’t shave or wax your legs or other unwanted body hair one more time. Visit Dr. Hruza to learn more about laser hair removal and how it can work for you.

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures performed in the United States today. It is a great alternative to constant shaving, messy creams and painful waxing.

Our laser technology is one of the most comfortable treatments available. Our specially made device protects the skin before and during each treatment to make it as safe and pain-free as possible. Many of our patients have compared the feeling to a small rubber band popping against their skin.

Your results will vary based on your unique skin type and the hair to be removed. Our laser will permanently reduce the number of hairs on your skin, however the procedure may have to be repeated multiple times to get all of the hair removed. We often recommend between 4-6 total procedures in order to achieve your best and longest-lasting results. Those with darker hair will see more immediate results than those with lighter hair pigments.

You should begin to see the exciting results of your treatment within 2-3 weeks after the first session.

Call for appointment with Dr. Hruza today to learn more about laser hair removal.

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