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“Turning back the clock could be one injection away”

The Editorial Voice

Botulinum toxin A not only reduces dynamic wrinkles, it may even make the skin appear younger. In a study published in the May 2015 issue of JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, researcher looked at the stretchiness and elastic recoil of the skin between the eyes and in the crow’s feet areas that had been treated with botulinum toxin A for dynamic wrinkles in 43 women. They found that skin treated with botulinum toxin A was significantly more stretchy (elastic) and had better return to baseline (elastic recoil) than untreated skin; both characteristic features of younger skin. The effect lasted for the 3+ month duration of the botulinum toxin effect on the underlying muscles. The reason for this finding is unclear, but this added benefit of botulinum toxin A seems to be real and should enhance the value of botulinum toxin A for patients.

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